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Annoying advertisements

Livejournal has these new annoying advertisements that pop up in some places. They take over your whole LiveJournal canvas so that you have to wait and look at this one stupid little ad. I don't like it.

So, does Dreamwidth have that, too? Because I suddenly have the urge to abandon LiveJournal.

Note: I have no problem with ads around the edges of my experience. Some years I have had a paid account. Others I have had a free account. Currently, I'm paying for my LiveJournal with my momentary attention to advertisements and I get that. But an ad that takes over EVERYTHING? No. They are WAY too intrusive. And I don't love this place enough to throw cash at it to make those go away, when there are other options I can explore. Sorry LJ.
Tags: dreamwidth, intrusive advertising, livejournal
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